Quality commitment

Our “committed to quality” claim means first of all that Awamedica has been inspected and approved for meeting Good Manufacturing Practice in all its activities. This approval has been issued by the Ministry of Health in Iraq and also by Kurdistan Medical Products Agency in Erbil.

Further to this Awamedica has been inspected in detail by the French company Sanofi before given the right to contract manufacture for them. This inspection was made against European demands.

Quality is however not only about formal authority approval. It is also about an attitude where all employees at all levels are ingrained with quality thinking. This means that also information to patients and the medical community must be of the highest quality and made easy to understand. That is why Awamedica, as an example, prints all package inserts in three languages, Kurdish, Arabic and English.


Awamedica’s products reach the patients through both government and private channels. Kimadia is the procurement company for the Ministry of Health and a big customer of Awamedica. Through Kimadia the products reach government hospitals and clinics all over Iraq.

The private sector with hospitals, private clinics and pharmacies is reached through our agents which have medical and sales representatives covering all corners of Iraq. These representatives are all trained by Awamedica to ensure that they know Awamedica’s products in detail. Most of them are pharmacists by training.

International Activities

Awamedica is an international company with its roots in Sweden. Exchange with Swedish experts in various fields and also different companies is an ongoing process.

Awamedica has also signed distribution agreements with companies in Europe, the Mena region and Africa with its products now in 2019 going through the compulsory regulatory processes.

Discussions are also going on with international companies wanting high quality contract manufacturing for the Iraqi market.

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