Minister of Health in Iraq, Dr Salih visited Awamedica

Dr Bahram Resul, General Manager of Awamedica, welcomed Dr Salih M. Al-Hasnawi, the Minister of Health in Iraq, on Thursday 16:th of September at Awamedica. mohbagdad1

Dr Salih, was very impressed by Awamedica. He said -This is really the “Pride of Iraq” like they have said before. He also said that this is really a high technology plant and Awamedica have very high quality products and Iraq government will do it’s best to support Awamedicas products to the governmental market.

Dr Bahram Resul, was very pleased with the visit. He hopes that the Iraqi people will have the same access to high quality products and healthcare like people all around the world. The people of Iraq is worth the best, and Awamedica can offer them that, with our high quality products manufactured according to cGMP and according to WHO guidelines.

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