AwaPreg – launch of our third product

AwaPreg is a widely used product containing iron and folic acid, recommended for adults, especially women who are planning pregnancy or are pregnant.

Once again we are proudly entering the market with a medicine that is manufactured according to International standards.


FAQ – about AwaPreg

  • Who can use AwaPreg? And how should it be used?

Adults: 1 capsule/day, or as prescribed by your doctor.


  • Where can I buy AwaPreg?

At most of the pharmacies in Kurdistan.


  • How much does AwaPreg cost?

It will not be a high price, our strategy is to have a reasonable and affordable price for the patients.


  • Which language are you using in the leaflet?

We are using English, Kurdish and Arabic.
Download AwaPreg leaflet (pdf)



If you have any questions regarding our products or Awamedica please contact the Marketing department by e-mail to

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