In 2004 Dr.Bahram Resul was asked by the then Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region Iraq to come back to his home country to lead the project to build a pharmaceuticals development and manufacturing company that would meet the highest international standards for quality. He was asked to do so against his background as Associate Professor at Uppsala University in Sweden and for twenty two years head of Medicinal Chemistry at Pharmacia Ophthalmics, today part of the Pfizer group.

This call should be seen against the fact that many low quality and also counterfeit products were sold, and are still being sold, all over Iraq.

Following two years of project planning in Sweden Dr.Resul moved to Erbil to implement the project and oversee the on-site construction work. The company was officially opened late 2009 and the first products reached the market in early 2010.

Awamedica is a profitable company currently selling around 50 million packs per year, a number that is rapidly increasing.

Project Timeline:

Years Events


 Prof Bahram Resul came to Erbil to start the construction.

October 2009

The Offical opening was held, a big step in the Pharmaceutical field for Iraq as Awamedica is the first company in the field meeting International standard.

January 2010

The first product was launched; ParAzar.ParAzar
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